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Aurore Alifanti

Name: Aurore Alifanti

City: Paris, France


I use a Nikon D850 and D7500. And I’m looking forward to use Nikon  Z7!

Main photographic subject:

I like to shoot a lot of different subjects but my favorite one is landscapes & cityscapes. I like to search for a nice angle, a beautiful composition, trying to discover something new or innovate about something existing. In nature, my inspiration is at its best at sunrise/sunset, or during the night to shoot the stars and the milky way. It creates so many atmospheres!


I like nature, cities, street, portrait, emotions… But what’s common in all my pictures is that I always try to tell a story, I’m looking for this kind of good vibes which makes you feel light-hearted.

Meet me in Paris !

write on MasterPhotoTour when you will land in France, I will be happy to meet you


When did you start with photography? Where does this passion come from?

5 years ago, I discovered Photoshop and had to learn using it during my studies. I quickly understood that I needed HD pictures to create with it. I acquired my first camera and I re-discovered Paris. Photography became quickly a huge passion!

Where do you come from? Has this place been your first photographic subject?

I discovered photography in this beautiful city I was born. Paris, “city of lights” is a wonderful playground to learn photography thanks to a multitude of cityscapes, a unique architecture and graphic streets!

What should photography communicate according to you?

My vision about photography is that this is a way to communicate emotions and share experiences with people! You can show mountains you’ve climbed, cultures and people you’ve met, landscapes you’ve discovered, the view you’ve stayed for sunrise/sunset, the night you’ve spend waiting for shooting stars… I’m happy when my pictures give someone else the desire to discover the places I’ve been to.

Why is so important to capture photographs while travelling according to you?

It is important to share adventures and memories with family and friends. Generally, I can be travelling 4 or 5 weeks a year if I’m lucky. Reason why I don’t go back to the same place so often. Sometimes I can forget about it and pictures help me to remember the beautiful discoveries I’ve experienced and moments I lived. I use to share all my adventures on social media. When I’ll be old in my rocking chair, I would be happy to see the pictures of all the travels I’ll have done, and share it with my grandchildren.

Have you ever been to South Tyrol and what do you associate with this region?

I’ve done a road-trip during a week in Dolomites/South Tyrol a year ago. It was an amazing discovery. When I think of the Dolomites I remember gorgeous landscapes, majestic mountains and moody ambiences! I went there during Summer, I’m happy to discover the area in autumn and I hope to see some snow!

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