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Brian Sweet

Brian Sweet Brian Sweet

Name: Brian Sweet

City: Amsterdam, Holland


I shoot with a DSLR with 4 different lenses and filters. And sometimes when you’re on a place with great light and great surrounding, but you haven’t brought your DSLR, I find it convenient to shoot with my iPhone, as the quality of phone-cameras nowadays is pretty good.

Main photographic subject:

I love to shoot cityscapes, landscapes etc. What inspires me the most is the light, as my favorite times to shoot and at dusk or at dawn. And sometimes night-photography.


I love to capture quiet moments and reflections. Amsterdam, for example, is always busy with tourists, but also locals. So the best time for me to shoot there is on a Sunday morning, as early as possible, to capture the beauty of the city, without too many people to get in the way. Also, the light in the morning is something I love and the reflections in the morning are crisper as the boats only start sailing a few hours later. I like to take time to take my photos and early mornings are the best for that in my opinion.

Meet me in Amsterdam !

write on MasterPhotoTour when you will land in Holland, I will be happy to meet you


When did you start with photography? Where does this passion come from?

I seriously started photography after I went to Cuba in 2010. I always took some pictures, but this country stole my heart and I wanted to document that. Shortly after that, I downloaded Instagram and I met some great photographers online, but also in real life. And since then my passion only grew.

Where do you come from? Has this place been your first photographic subject?

I live in Haarlem, an old city between Amsterdam and the Dutch coastline. I photograph many times in the city as there are lots of interesting subject to be found as lovely canals and windmills. But I’m also in Amsterdam many times or out in nature to shoot some pictures.

What should photography communicate according to you?

I think the most important thing in my pictures is that I want to take people on a journey with me and I want to show them how beautiful the world can be. It must provoke a feeling of wanting to be on that place.

Why is so important to capture photographs while travelling according to you?

I think the importance of photography lays in spreading the beauty of the world and document it as it is. It is also good to jog your memory and look back on all the places you’ve been and the time you spend in a specific place with a specific feeling.

Have you ever been to South Tyrol and what do you associate with this region?

No I’ve never been in South Tyrol before. My idea of this area contains of mountains, small villages, beautiful lakes and great hikes.

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