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When you visit a city for the first time you obviously want to see the many iconic symbols of that place, as they make it famous all over the world, and probably that's exactly what pushed you towards this destination. These popular landmarks and sightseeing have indeed a great importance and they definitely worth a picture, or maybe more than one... But why not try to do it from a different point of view, avoiding those classic "postcard images"?

Look at those landmarks from a new perspective to avoid the same picture anyone else has! Observe their greatness in their environment or zoom in to capture some particulars and details that makes of this landmark an icon of its city. Go inside or observe what usually stands back and don’t limit your pictures at the external view: textures, shadows effects, and geometrical elements offer you stunning opportunities to shoot a nice photo. Move from vertical to horizontal and don’t hesitate to experiment in order to build your own personal style.

All those tourists all around annoy you? As they form part of the moment and subject you are shooting , try to consider them as an element able to add value at your pictures without trying to omit them.

Build your own lasting memories! Thanks to Master Photo Tour, you can travel not only to discover the more popular and emblematic subjects of a destination, but also to learn how to capture them from a new perspective obtaining satisfying pictures with the help of our expert, insider photo masters.

Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Paris, London, Venice...

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Coliseum at dusk, Rome.



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