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How does a city look like from outside its boundaries? Imagine to capture the sun descending over it or a storm coming... how would it be? How impressive will your pictures be?

Move away from the city centre and discover new opportunities to observe your destination from the most panoramic locations. Look for the highest points around you or go immediately outside in the closest countryside to capture the charm of the city from another point of view. Shoot the famous skylines and enjoy identifying the most popular monuments and buildings that characterize each city; embrace it all with the view and relish a spectacular panorama few tourists have.

Not only the skyline, but many panoramic spots too are able to offer you the opportunity to capture spectacular glimpses of the city by reaching terraces or natural ledges. Run away from the city’s noise and relax yourself looking at more natural scenarios. Enjoy the spectacular view of the sunset, and observe the city slightly lighting in front of you when the dark comes.

Any city offers to inhabitants many opportunities to discover it from a peculiar point of view. Discover it with our insider master photographer and admire the shape of the city appreciating the lush countryside and the different surrounding areas.

Build your own lasting memories! Thanks to Master Photo Tour, you can travel not only to discover the more popular and emblematic subjects of a destination, but also to discover how to capture the whole city and its natural environment at their best with the help of our expert, insider photo masters.

Best Seasons:All year long
Popular Location:Italy, France, Spain, UK...

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Lights of Barcelona at dusk.



There is no better way to be aware of a city than to observe it from the top and embrace the whole urbanity with the view. Follow us and discover ...

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