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Every city maintains a deep relationship with the nature around it and it expresses this strong bond in a personal way, according to the value and assignment it conveys to the environment. Nature can be wild and unblemished or well-finished and domesticated, but beside these conceptions, you will always find a green place in which the city reflects its personality.

Walk away from the urban life and take contact with the natural environment to discover its bond with the urban area. Look for green areas in the city or open spaces outside its boundaries, and shoot the natural elements that are part of it: water, snow and wind for instance. Find out the many ways they display to your eyes not only in urban parks, but also visiting some close mountains, lakes and seaside. As romantic poets did, put nature in the frame and discover its strengths through the shattering of the waves on the cliffs, or feeling the wind blowing through trees, experiencing that sense of infinity that comes from the open natural spaces.

Nature is constantly changing and every season has new shapes and elements able to surprise you, offering at your lenses unlimited photographic possibilities. Discover the wildlife and try to capture it in the best possible way with your camera: squirrels, deer, birds and many species of insects will invite you to train and improve your abilities even with macro photography. Try to capture the drops of the morning dew on a leaf or the movement of the wings of a butterfly, otherwise, shoot elements in their own environment as a single subject or try capture the relationship and balance among them. You will discover a full range of opportunities never explored before.

Build your own lasting memories! Thanks to Master Photo Tour, you can travel not only to discover the more popular and emblematic subjects of a destination, but also to learn how to capture nature and wildlife at their best with the help of our expert, insider photo masters.

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