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When visiting a city we usually remain astonished by the spectacular views it offers during the night time, and each one of us has tried at least once in life, to wander through some alleys looking at the stunning lights show the city provides to its visitors and inhabitants. These lights, their reflection on the waters or on wet streets and the illuminated buildings, roads and skylines are charming subjects to capture with a camera, and during the year, nearly everywhere lights adorn almost every corner of our cities.

Nature too, by the way, is able to offer us some stunning views during the night time, giving us the opportunity to live a fulfilling emotional experience. The possibilities are countless if only we decide to try, and our tours are thought to help you develop this artistic view.

Walk away from the city's lights and go to darker places to take photos of the bright sky full of stars: capture the beautiful milky way or the fireflies moving on your way. Or shoot light trails of cars or public transports, experimenting the blurry effect using the light sources available. Play with your friends with the funny light painting trying to write something with a flashlight contrasting with the black background.

These lights, however, are not so easy to capture with a camera, but don’t let the difficulty dissuade you, it is possible to obtain good results by following some easy tips and the suggestions of a professional photographer!

Thanks to Master Photo Tour, you can travel not only to discover the more popular and emblematic subjects of a destination, but also to learn how to capture lights at their best with the help of our expert, insider photo masters.

Best Seasons:All year long
Popular Location:London, Paris, Rome...

Our Night and Lights Photo Tours

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The view from Trocadero, Paris.


3 hours

There's a reason if Paris is worldwide known as "Ville Lumière", the city of lights. The breathtaking architectonic beauties you see during the daily hours are even more touching during the night, when golden, ...

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London Eye at twilight, London.


3 hours

Talent does not always and necessarily requires expensive equipment. The key to success, clearly, lies in your eyes, and in the way you look at the city through a lens; but in some cases, a professional could come in ...

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