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When in Rome do as the Romans do, says the proverb; and indeed that's the best way to understand a country and its inhabitants. In fact, people are a distinctive trait of a destination, and  when visiting a country it is essential to look at how local people live to let them become an interesting subject for your pictures. Every city, moreover, hosts today people coming from all over the world and this gives us an incredible range of photographic possibilities.

To obtain photos that are highly representative of a country, try to move away from the touristic paths and portray people in their everyday business: walk in the streets, observe locals and get immerse in their life to better understand their habits. Every corner and situation can become a good occasion for you and a perfect subject for your shots. Learn how to capture people's attitude in markets, parks and squares. But also special events and little artisans’ shops are charming places to meet someone busy in a different activity.

Take your time to capture gestures, smiles or facial expressions without being intrusive. Consider your point of view: you are an external observer and for this reason, you can detect the many shades of the cultural differences of rituals and social practices; particularly, when people wear traditional dresses and live their emblematic folkloristic traditions, rich in meaning and charm.

Tell stories of a city starting by the faces of common people, developing the ability to understand and document the society.

Thanks to Master Photo Tour, you can now travel to discover not only the more popular emblematic subjects of a destination but also to learn how to capture them at their best with the help of our expert and insider photo masters.

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