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Tangled and crowded or clean and silent, the streets of a city are always a charming subjects to portray. So much that actually there's a branch of photography that explore this environment to portray the world and the cities as they are today; it is called street or urban photography and we encourage you to deepen its knowledge.

Consider the city from a new perspective; avoid the many touristic alleys and the crowded sightseeing to find out the real essence of the city you're visiting. Almost everywhere charming and colorful neighborhoods interchange with grey and empty quarter or residential and tree-lined districts, as well as past times and modernity mix up in a blend of abandoned places, religious temples, street art and converted warehouses.

Explore a new photographic record able to tell stories through the observation of daily life; faces, spaces and interactions will be able to offer endless photographic opportunities to capture images rich in meaning and relevance. Be curious and use your camera as a survey instrument to tell how the world is today.

Shoot with every light condition and at any time of the day to capture any aspect of the actual society; everyday you can came up with a different result and story. Develop your observation technique to better interpret and understand actual times and learn how to observe the city in a brand new way.

Thanks to Master Photo Tour, you can travel now to discover not only the more popular emblematic subjects of a destination but also how to capture the true essence of a city in any of its faces, documenting actual times with the help of our expert and insider photo masters.

Best Seasons:All year long
Popular Location:London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome...

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Parco degli acquedotti at sunset, Rome.



Besides the popular street network of the city, Romans dedicated great attention also at the management and building  of structures related ...

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