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Name: Clara Ferrand

City: Paris, France


I shoot with a Canon 5D mark IV with a 24-105 mm f:4

Main photographic subject:

The mountains are my favorite subject, I love to capture them at the sunrise and the sunshine. I also love Waterfall because I can play with the speed of my camera.


I love to make picture of wild landscapes, go to walk and take a moment alone to produce amazing picture. My photographs have a lot of contrast and you can feel the emotion of the moment. 

Meet me in Paris !

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When did you start with photography? Where does this passion come from?

I start to do photography around 11 year old. My grand father was reporter, when I was a child I went with him to take picture, so my passion about photography start here. 

Where do you come from? Has this place been your first photographic subject?

I come from France, I was born in Bordeaux but I live in Paris. I have began the photography when I was in the North East of France, a little city name’s Belfort. Around this city there are a lot of beautifull wild landscape.

Why is so important to capture photographs while travelling according to you?

When I start to travel I loved to discovered a new country and particular landscapes. After few months the memory of this experience become a bit blur, and the photography is the best way to keep the feeling. When I look to one of my travel’s photographs I remebers every sound and smell who going with.  

Have you ever been to South Tyrol and what do you associate with this region?

I have been in South Tyrol 2 years ago, it was really amazing to be in total immersion into the nature. I have made a lot of hiking and wild camp, I remember wonderfull landscapes.

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