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About Barcelona

Barcelona is a lively city that stands out for its blend of nature and urbanization, colors and sounds, voices and music, wind and sun. Rising from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona presents unique characteristics that let it propose itself as a city of art and a metropolitan area enclosed by sea and mountains. Mixture of elements and cultures in continuous evolution, the city is famous for its friendly environment and its multicultural and cozy atmosphere. Thanks to these features it is considered one of the world's leading tourist center, and a perfect destination for a street photography tour.

The origins of the earlier settlements are unclear, though some legends attributes the founding of the city to Hercules; by the way, it seems that the first inhabitants of these lands were the Laietani, even though the main development of the city took place thanks to the first settlements of the Romans, who considered Barcelona as a secondary colony. At that time, the Plaça de Sant Jaume (Saint James Square) was the heart of the colony and today too is an important location in the city, where significant buildings like the Palau de la Generalitat and the Ajuntament (the City Hall) have been built. Through the centuries, Barcelona growth a lot and became in XVIII century an important core of the illuminist ideas and ideals coming from the near France. Beside this, the cultural movement that shaped the most the city has been undoubtedly the Modernism, embodied in its main exponent, Gaudi.

Lights of Barcelona at dusk.
Interior of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

Important not only at artistic level but also historical, Barcelona is now a day a destination for many tourists and a cherished location for creative minds. Many writers and directors love so much the atmosphere of the city and its extroverted and impressive architectures that decided to set here many scenes of their works. Among the many directors, undoubtedly Pedro Almodóvar is the most important, loved and renowned contemporary Spanish artist that made of Barcelona a vivid symbol and a character of its works.

This Spanish city with a deep European soul offers many opportunities to each kind of tourist. Barcelona will amaze you with its architecture, landscapes, gastronomy and culture and undoubtedly, thanks to all these facets, it will let you completely satisfied by the several creative opportunities offered at your "photographic eye". There is so much to be shot here: ancient times evidences, historic antiquity, festivals, celebrations, buildings, monasteries, nature, architecture, seaside, mountains and indeed, the thousands aspects and expressions of a multicultural city where to breathe fragrances reminding of faraway lands from the whole world.

Have fun! This is the most important thing. We all want to get "the shot" but don't forget that you are travelling to live new touching experiences, to learn and to enrich yourself under as many aspects as you can. Moreover, as talent comes with training and experience, don't be afraid to try different compositions and techniques. Experiment with different camera settings; you will surely be surprised by the results you will come up with. The concept of photo feature will help you create better photos: think about a small project and follow its path trying to capture the best elements of it. To further simplify the task, here are our tours, designed to inspire your photographic adventure.

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Lights of Barcelona at dusk.



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