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About Paris search of inspiration? Paris is always a good idea! Even for uncommon photo-tours.

Being one of the biggest, most fascinating and most populous cities in Europe, Paris offers to all photo lovers incredible and stunning opportunities to capture impressive pictures, that will maintain memories alive, and will manage to get a smile even in the darkest days.

Among the many capitals, Paris is the chicest one, thanks to its blend of high-level kitchen, fashion, stunning pieces of art, marvelous architectonic elements, churches and romantic cafés. Founded in the III century B.C. by an ancient Celtic population called Parisii, the city was a major trading crossroad and hosted one of the main academic center in Europe. It was the largest city in the western world throughout the whole XII century, and with the pass of time, the city lived an animated and eventful history that shaped it in form and culture. Nowadays it is worldwide recognized as a center of artistic, architectonic, cultural and finance interest.

Home of some famous personalities (Renoir, Chanel, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Napoleon, Edith Piaf, Baudelaire, Pierre and Marie Curie...) and location of some of the most important events that influenced the course of the history, each monument, street and corner of the Ville Lumière, is able to tell a story. Each one of them could illustrate both the golden ages, characterized by the excellences of art and culture, as well as dark periods of war, riots and depravation. Beyond the beauty of monuments and streets lay, therefore, something hidden, untouchable, that can bring you back to past days, personalities and historical events. A kind of lost time that is always present in the streets of a city that is today a symbol of globalization.

Through the years, Paris made of elegance and culture some of the emblems of its character, and for a photo-lover this is an amazing location, where every single corner could be a photographic masterpiece. A lot of "shooting urban safaris" could take place in Paris, and numerous photographic projects could be developed with a camera in this magnificent city.

Whether is this your first time in Paris or not, if you really want to visit all the unmissable places this city offers to you, or if you prefer to lose yourself in every unknown and characteristic street of Paris, if you are a real photo passionate our workshop are thought for you. Choose among the itineraries we propose, follow our professional during a small on the field photo tour and improve your technique with the many tips and tricks he can share with you. Take advantage of the experience of a private teacher that will help develop your creativity and skills, whether your level and your interests.

Have fun! This is the most important thing. We all want to get "the shot" but don't forget that you are travelling to live new touching experiences, to learn and to enrich yourself under as many aspects as you can. Moreover, as talent comes with training and experience, don't be afraid to try different compositions and techniques. Experiment with different camera settings; you will surely be surprised by the results you will come up with. The concept of photo feature will help you create better photos: think about a small project and follow its path trying to capture the best elements of it. To further simplify the task, here are our tours, designed to inspire your photographic adventure.

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