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Popular Location: Colosseo, Piazza Venezia, Trevi Fountain, Via Veneto, Pantheon, MAXXI, Imperial fora.

About Rome

"Tutte le strade portano a Roma" (all roads lead to Rome) assert Italians. And for its past this was indeed true.

Ancient "Capital of the World" according to Goethe, Rome is undoubtedly a treasure chest full of gems like museums, churches, fountains, squares and archaeological spaces that testify to centuries of historic and artistic heritage. The city founded almost 3000 years ago fascinates tourists from the very beginning, above all and thanks to its famous symbols like the Coliseum, Saint Peter's Cathedral or the Imperial Fora. But there is much, much more than popular icons to be discovered in this city.

Rome is, in fact, full of gems belonging both to present and ancient times, that may require a bit of attention to be discovered. Indeed, besides the many physical and material traces, evidence of the mythical past that characterized the birth and growth of the city can be perceived in each alley, and undoubtedly while in the city, that feeling of discovery will go along with travelers and explorers. But Rome is not only related to past times; nowadays it hosts a lively night-life and many distinct festivals, shows, expositions, multicultural and international events year-round. Moreover, Rome is a multicultural center, with people arriving from all over the World, taking advantage of the many opportunities the Italian capital can offer. This globalization tendency shapes at the cityscapes, words and foods, but beside this, traditions don't fade away, rather they appear in many corners of the city under new forms.

The same happens with fashion, arts and crafts: although the invasion of popular and international brands, in some corners and districts Rome succeeds in maintaining and promoting the value of its creative and artisan traditions. That's why in some alleys, boutiques, atelier and small studios still sell some authentic, handmade objects. The result of this blend is that the historic center of the Roman Empire, is now able to offer events and experiences that will satisfy every taste and ambitions, even the most refined ones. Rome is in fact not only a multicultural reality and a great metropolis, but also a green capital, that offers gardens, parks and reserves to leave behind the urban bustle, allowing its tourists and inhabitants to relax organizing a picnic or a day trip. Completely fulfilling even under a photographic dimension, If you are a photo lover, Rome is indeed the perfect city to refine your abilities. There is so much to capture with a camera and our professionals will help you obtain stunning pictures.

Have fun! This is the most important thing. We all want to get "the shot" but don't forget that you are travelling to live new touching experiences, to learn and to enrich yourself under as many aspects as you can. Moreover, as talent comes with training and experience, don't be afraid to try different compositions and techniques. Experiment with different camera settings; you will surely be surprised by the results you will come up with. The concept of photo feature will help you create better photos: think about a small project and follow its path trying to capture the best elements of it. To further simplify the task, here are our tours, designed to inspire your photographic adventure.

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Parco degli acquedotti at sunset, Rome.



Besides the popular street network of the city, Romans dedicated great attention also at the management and building  of structures related ...

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