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Best Season:All year long.
Popular Location: Palazzo Ducale, Cathedral of St. Mark, Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge.

About Venice

Rising in the Venetian lagoon, over more than 100 small islands connected to one another by bridges, the city and its peculiar landscape are recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Venice may require a bit of time to be truly understood and that's also because it invites you to follow slow rhythms that perfectly fit with its sixteenth-century traditions.

Over the centuries Venice, also known as la Serenissima, was a major maritime power, and thanks to its strategic position, it became one of the fourth Repubbliche Marinare (Maritime Republics).

Our Master of Photography, Marc, is the most indicated living person to teach about Venice. Our tip is BEFORE ALL book a tour with him in the most hystorical piece of Venice, the Castello District Photo Tour.

Moreover, the city became a flourishing trade center well connected with western Europe, the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim world, thus allowing art and commerce to bloom inside its boundaries. Its power continued to grow until the end of the XIII century, when it was considered the most prosperous city in Europe.

Its decline started during the XV century largely due to wars and plagues, but we can still appreciate the architecture and the magnificence that characterized Venice in its golden period. Thanks to the peculiarity of its features, Venice is a perfect subject to be captured in photos in every period of the year and in every corner. All seasons offer different, intense and unique aspects and emotions: spring and summer bring clear skies and warm colors while autumn and winter with fog, rain, acqua alta (floaded streets) and a weak sun, give marvelous light conditions and evocative charming moods. In Venice any spot gives the traveler the opportunity to take breathtaking pictures by any weather condition.

Each alley and sestiere (district), every condition and every glimpse can evoke ancient stories and legends. Water, lights, architecture and folklore: Venice is a true inspiring paradise for a photographer at any level, from amateur to professional. But, if you don't want to go back home with simple, unsatisfying pictures, choose our master photographer! He will share his knowledge with you, and he will help you in trying to find a new or unusual approach while guiding you in shooting the most captured corners in the city.

Let this extraordinary location, with its lights and atmosphere, become the real protagonist of your travel pictures. Our insider professional will let you live a closer and more familiar experience with the city by capturing its real essence. You can trust his decennial experience; he will surely be able to expand your knowledge, competences and techniques. On the field workshops will allow you to solve some doubts and put immediately into practice all the information, tips and suggestions just provided by your master photographer. Improve your learning experience and shoot spectacular pictures to keep your emotions, moments and memories alive.

Have fun! This is the most important thing. We all want to get "the shot" but don't forget that you are travelling to live new touching experiences, to learn and to enrich yourself under as many aspects as you can. Moreover, as talent comes with training and experience, don't be afraid to try different compositions and techniques. Experiment with different camera settings; you will surely be surprised by the results you will come up with. The concept of photo feature will help you create better photos: think about a small project and follow its path trying to capture the best elements of it. To further simplify the task, here are our tours, designed to inspire your photographic adventure.

Our Photo Tours in Venice

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A green mask in Venice.


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We all know, in Venice Carnival is a majestic event and thanks to its colors, movements, masks, smiles, art and fun, it offers incredible ...

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Landscape, Nature

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