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Name: Ellie Dyduch

City: London, Rome


Sony Alpha A7 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Main photographic subject:

I find inspiration in various places, like cinema, magazines, social media (Instagram, Pinterest), and even old photographs and albums. Living in one of the most diverse and characterful cities in Britain, I’m often inspired by architecture, colours and bustling life of London. And, of course, the light – wherever I am!


Rich, vibrant, quite dark and moody. My style often changes depending on the subject and location. I mainly photograph architecture and streets, but I also love capturing rare moments, local people and every day life, without interruption.

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When did you start with photography? Where does this passion come from?

My photography journey began when I was around 19. I got a summer job in Cyprus, purchased a camera and found a huge love for photography and travelling. Ever since, I’ve been documenting my life, attempting to capture every unforgettable experience, inspiring people and interesting places I come across along the way. I love when work takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me, but at the same time I create something beautiful and meaningful.

Where do you come from? Has this place been your first photographic subject?

I was born and raised in a mountain town in southern Poland. However, I have spent almost a half of my life abroad, living in three different countries, and the UK has been my home for over seven years now. While living in Cambridge, in April 2016 I decided to dust off my Instagram and began photographing Cambridge colleges, architecture and local life, as well as all the places that I visited in between. What was initially just a fun hobby has become something so much more…

Why is so important to capture photographs while travelling according to you?

Photography often enhances my travel experiences as I tend to notice much more, because I always look around for photos and beautiful light. Photographs encapsulate many elusive moments and emotions and help me remember them better. They have power of bringing back feelings and memories and let me relieve them later. Also, thanks to photography, I often make an extra effort to experience moments I might otherwise miss – explore off-the-beaten path, check a local market, walk a bit more to catch the golden hour light.

Have you ever been to South Tyrol and what do you associate with this region?

No, I haven’t been to that part of Italy before and I look forward to exploring it! When I think about it though, I picture snowy alpine peaks and endless natural beauty, charming medieval villages nestled away in the mountains, emerald lakes, old vineyards and warm Italian hospitality.

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