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Name: Georgette Jupe

City: Florence, Italy

CameraFujifilm X T-20

Main photographic subjectI really like taking photos of people, and hopefully, telling their story. Perhaps they aren’t the main focus of the photo but something about them is there. I’m not yet confident with landscape so I am always looking to photograph where I feel my strengths lie, which is capturing the moment.

StyleI don’t think I am good enough of a photographer to have a particular style. I am not, for example, mainly a landscape photographer or one that takes stylized portraits. I tend to vary depending on the story I am trying to tell. I adore taking photos of people, of details in certain monuments, even things that can seem mundane to others but I do lots of research after to accompany the shot with a story. If I had to narrow my style to one type I would say casual, fun, sort of like looking through the lens of a close friend. Or so I hope!

Favorite destinationsSo many! Most recently, Mexico. My husband and I did a two-week trip from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen and stopped at many smaller towns in between. Places like Taxco, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de Las Casas all were absolutely incredible destinations where you really feel like you are on the other side of the world. We met some of the local indigenous populations, ate incredible food and went on 9-hour bus rides through windy mountain roads. It was an experience I’ll never forget, such as eating insects in a busy Mexico City Market. I don’t recommend trying spiders. Also, I really love France, my husband’s native country. Last September we went to Brittany and Normandy for a wedding and I fell in love with the moody landscape and hearty food. 

InfluencesIn the beginning, I was always struck more by people I knew than famous photographers or figures. For example, I had a friend in school growing up in Texas who would take beautiful shots of people around our campus using film. You had to wait for it and truly be surprised. Now a day my influences also remain to people I know in real life. I have several friends who take photos that truly take my breath away every single time. For example, on Instagram, my friend Erica or “Travel Babbo” captures poignant family moments in the most spectacular of backdrops. I also adore Humans of New York because looking at the photo then reading the story behind the person gives me chills every single time. It’s a reminder that there is much more to humans than we could ever know and he manages to both capture that in his photography and take the time to hear their story. He’s my idol!

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When did you start with photography?

I started taking photos since I was a little girl. I always wanted to be the person who “captures” the moment for other people but it has always been a casual hobby and something I do for work or for the blog.

Where does this passion come from?

For me, it’s all about storing memories for later. I really started to care about my photos when I started the blog and in the past few years have made a concentrated effort to improve the way I take pictures. I want people to feel the same things I do when looking at the picture. I have always been a very visual person and I know that people will appreciate what I write more if I have great photos too.

What do you look for in photography?

I like details even if I’m not great at that myself. A certain unique frame of a famous place like the grand canal of Venice. A particular balcony in Florence with the cupola in the background, a certain shop with the owner loitering outside. I like seeing real people in a place, not an empty square that’s perfectly filtered. I like to see rawness.

What does photography mean to you?

It means a way of communicating memories in a visual way. I take the photo and think, I’ll always remember that we were on the pyramid of sun close to Mexico City or that happened when we were there. It will remain a visual tribute to our past.

What should photography communicate according to you?

It should communicate what you are trying to say about that place, at that moment. I want to know why you took the photo at that angle or me intrigued at the shadows you included.

Do you conceive photography as an instinctive or a more planned activity?

For me it is entirely instinctive (unless for work).

What inspires you the most when you travel?

The people I meet. I often do private tours or meet up with people while traveling and getting to know their perspectives as locals is always a game changer for my own experience. I tend to see the place differently thanks to the context they provide.

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