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Jan Gawron

Name: Jan Gawron

City: Heidelberg, Germany


I shoot with a Sony A7 and various Zeiss lenses.

Main photographic subject:

The beauty of our planet. I just love to be on the lookout for all things beautiful in this world. It’s this mindset what makes photography special for me. There is so much beauty around us – there will never ever be a shortage of inspiration.


I like to keep it natural and try to portray a place or a situation the way it felt to me when I pressed the shutter button. But I am really not sure if it’s up to me to describe my own style. What would you say?

When did you start with photography? Where does this passion come from?

After I finished high school I went on to study end eventually work in many different places across the globe. Those new and interesting places, people and cultures are what got me interested in photography in the first place. However, it was not until two years ago when I really got into the details of photography. The passion to capture a moment and make it last has always been there for me. I did take a lot of snaps during my travels but without getting really knowing what I was doing from a technical standpoint. That tipped when I lived in South Africa and I wasn’t satisfied with my snaps anymore. I felt I wasn’t doing this stunning place any justice. So I started to learn how I could improve. I haven’t stopped since.

Where do you come from? Has this place been your first photographic subject?

I was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. I started taking pictures when I lived in Cape Town, South Africa – hence, the beautiful mountains and beaches of CPT were my first photographic subjects.

What should photography communicate according to you?

A feeling. What sort of feeling? Well, I guess that’s different for everyone. For all the photographers out there and for all the people looking at their work. If my picture let’s someone who’s looking at it pause and wander off for a second I did a great job.

Why is so important to capture photographs while travelling according to you?

Before I started focusing on photography I worked in Academia. What I disliked the most in that field is that you are never ever finished. There is always more literature to read, always more questions to ask. With a photograph that’s different. I take a picture, I edit it, I print it and hang it on a wall. Now I can look at it and remember the moment I took it or get lost in our planet’s beauty captured in the frame.

Have you ever been to South Tyrol and what do you associate with this region?

I have; but at the time I was just starting out as a photographer… so I am not 100% satisfied with the pictures I took on that trip. Now I am even more excited to come back and have another crack at this amazingly beautiful region.

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