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Nature, good food and photography a perfect mix in the Dolomites

photo credit @lauramasi

The Dolomites: charming place

Those who know the Dolomites understand why this place is a perfect mix of nature, good food and photography.

Here the landscape is perfect in all seasons, crystal alpine lakes, mountains. Here tourism is present throughout the year: skiing during the winter, pleasant walks, trekking and climbing during the summer.

photo credit @clarafotomania

Immerse yourself in nature in the Dolomites

Dolomites is an area loved by all Europeans, but also by all the people of the world who visit this beautiful place, all who have already come for one, two or even three weeks of vacation with us return home satisfied and happy to having lived this beautiful experience.
To capture the beautiful moments lived in the Dolomites, we at Masterphototour offer a workshop with the best landscape photographers where tourists have the opportunity to learn the techniques of photography and have a beautiful memory of the moments lived in this piece of paradise.

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The delights of Dolomites

Let’s talk about food?
Ahhh! Certainly an important detail during a trip abroad, don’t you think?
Traveling also means learning about other cultures and other flavors. Italy is also known for its famous cuisine, and in each region of Italy there are typical and very delicious dishes, the Dolomites region also offers special flavors, in addition to typical wines from the region that can accompany delicious dishes.

photo credit @alanisko

Flavors, travel, photography and tradition in the Dolomites.

Nature lovers, the Dolomites are a more than ideal place from all points of view, organic food and drinks can be found easily in various agritourism in the high mountains, as a result, places that remember how it was cooked in times when it did not yet exist all the technology of today. Farmers  are above all very attentive to the flavors of the land and consequently good care of their land.

photo credit @clarafotomania

What do you think? Isn’t the Dolomites a perfect mix of nature, good food and photography?

In conclusion, with Masterphototour  you’ll find beautiful destinations to travel to where we get away from our daily life in the cities and feel in touch with nature.

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