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Every day we try to deepen our knowledge of the photographic world by exploring any possibility that this field offer to us. During these months we learnt that photography is an extremely personal form of art, and it take the shape of its author and of the story he want to tell us.

To discover more we asked Erika Zolli to help us understand the many faces of this creative and exciting world. Here you are the first part of her interview and some of her beautiful pictures. We hope you’ll love her job as we do.

"Me at my best" project #1. Photo by Erika Zolli
“Me at my best” project #1. Photo by Erika Zolli
  • Hello Erika, we are glad you decided to share your ideas and thoughts with us, and we are really looking forward to reading your answers. But let’s start with something easy: which are your favorite subjects to portray?

Thank you very much to you for asking me to make this interview. My favorite subjects to portray are living elements in strange contexts.

  • Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from the reversal of a situation and the use of both opposites and the complementary. In my case it arises observing a normal situation and imagine it in an environment completely out of place.

"Surreal arabesque" project #1. Photo by Erika Zolli
“Surreal arabesque” project #1. Photo by Erika Zolli
  • Can you tell us about a picture you are particularly attached to? When did you shoot it and where?

A picture in which I am particularly fond of is the first photograph I took for  “Levitation Project”.
This photo was taken at Teatro Dal Verme, Milan. I’m particularly attached to it because I took it in a period of my life made of choices and directions to take. The idea of the suspension symbolizes the absence of gravity and the lightness of taking life in the most ecstatic possible way, without falling into superficiality, but living just lulled by what comes to us.

"Levitation" project. Photo by Erika Zolli.
“Levitation” project. Photo by Erika Zolli.
  • When does a picture totally satisfy your expectations and which are according to you, the main aspects that characterize a good shot?

A good shot is a combination of various factors. In my case I love the details, the focus on light, but also playing with movement and have fun looking for locations that can accommodate in the best way the image I want to create.

  • "Me at my best" project #2. Photo by Erika Zolli.

    What about post production process? Can you tell us something about it?

In my work I focus my attention on three fundamental aspects: depth, movement and lighting, which allow me to arrive at the editing stage in the best possible conditions. But editing, should not be understood solely in terms of photo editing with Photoshop: the camera images are sometimes a source material and I often find myself having to choose between hundreds of photos, a selection process that requires an artistic mindset like the shooting.

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