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As we already told you in the first part of this interview, photography is a personal form of art and it takes the shape and view of its author. Every caption of the same subject can tell a different story, depending from the photographer’s eye and intention, and also thanks to this we can recognize a kind of style representing each artist.

Go on reading the second part of the interview to Erika Zolli to discover more about her art and what lies behind it.

"Me at my best" project #3. Photo by Erika Zolli.
“Me at my best” project #3. Photo by Erika Zolli.
  • Let’s talk about your personal photographic approach. What should a photograph impart to people according to you? And what emotion do you try to convey in your picture?

I think the important thing is to be open, understanding what the other wants and trying to relate your vision to his desire. The emotion that I try to convey in my picture is often associated with what I’m living in my personal life. I believe we cannot divide the creative process from our personal emotions.

  • How photography changed your point of view on people and nature?

I believe that photography is a wonderful way to get in close contact with the world around us, both with people and with nature, and with objects in general. Photographing you are completely into the context, feeling part of everything.

"Me at my best" project #4. Photo by Erika Zolli.
“Me at my best” project #4. Photo by Erika Zolli.
  • What do you look for in a travel photograph? Which are your favorite subjects to portray when you travel?

    When I travel I love photographing the faces of people, absolutely never posing, for example capturing them while they are committing a fee or doing something their daily life.
"Surreal arabesque" project #2. Photo by Erika Zolli.
“Surreal arabesque” project #2. Photo by Erika Zolli.
  •  We are particularly interested in the relation between travel and photography, can you please tell us something about a travel experience that has been particularly touching or interesting for you? Where would you suggest us to go?

The most recent travel that I have done is going to Spoleto. I went there this summer for an exhibition that  I did for the 70th Anniversary of the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale. I found a really beautiful city, I highly recommend you to go there and visit the Menotti’s House, that is the current Documentation Centre on the “Festival dei Due Mondi”,  one of the most important theater festival in Europe.

"Me at my best" project #5. Photo by Erika Zolli.
“Me at my best” project #5. Photo by Erika Zolli.
  • One of your pictures has recently been awarded as the best picture in Europe representing the Transition to Green Economy. Can you tell us something about it and the project “Levitation”?

This picture is part of the project “Levitation”. I started doing this project in 2014. “Levitation Project,” is based on my will to show everyday life in poetic and enchanting situations. The common thread in these shots is Levitation – meaning lightness, ability to look at the world with eyes that are unaware of gravity and its rules. In my photos, you can see some of Milan’s famous sights: Mercanti Square, Sforza Castle, the park in Porta Venezia, Dal Verme Theater, the Modern Art Gallery and Sant’Ambrogio Basilica.

"Levitation" project #2. Photo by Erika Zolli.
“Levitation” project #2. Photo by Erika Zolli.
  •  Finally, what would you suggest to the many people that are approaching to photography?

I suggest what every day I repeat to myself: the longer you wait for something and less chance you have for something to happen, then put yourself in motion and act.