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Name: Gianluca

City: Rimini, Italy

Camera: Full frame DLSR

Main photographic subject: I usually portray architecture, landscapes and sometimes people. It depends on my inspiration. Since I like my pictures to be dynamic, I prefer when there are people inside of it, to make my picture more human and warm

Style: Quite recognizable: I love warm colors and clear perspective, combining nature and architecture.

Favorite destinations: Definitely Italy. I’ll never get tired of discovering the hidden treasures of my own country, and I’ve never fell in love with a destination like it was for Italy.

Influences: my early influences were directors and classic photographers like Elliott Erwitt, but then I radically changed my view of photography: right now I prefer colorful pictures and my actual inspirations come from the web, young talents who have something to teach me.

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When did you start with photography?

I started when I was a child: I really liked to capture the important moments with my camera on my school trips and holidays with my family. Then I deduced to study a little more to improve, and the rest is history.


Where does this passion come from?

This passion comes from my family, specially from my father. He used to take pictures of our trips together and his photographs have been my first inspiration.


What do you look for in photography?

Pictures don’t necessarily have to show what reality is: I think they should show the best of reality. I’m definitely not a “realist”: pictures shouldn’t tell the real story. They should tell a good, intense story.


What does photography mean to you?

Photography is my way to show my point of view in reality. A way to express myself showing what reality is to me.


What should photography communicate according to you?

Photography should tell good stories.


Do you conceive photography as an instinctive or a more planned activity?

It’s definitely a planned activity to me. It’s the result of studies to portray the best light and the best moment. Sometimes it can be instinctive too, such as for street photography, but that’s not my aim.


What inspires you the most when you travel?

Architecture, nature, and the way people treat their own places.

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