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Name: Sam Zucker

City: Barcelona, Spain

Camera: I shoot currently with Canon 6D for all studio work and some landscape images. I have the Panasonic GH5 with I bought mainly for video work but it has much better autofocus than my Canon so it’s actually really good for street photography, and I LOVE the electronic view finder and built-in Timelapse feature. The small micro 4/3 sensor of the GH5 just doesn’t give me the same quality of image file as the Canon though. It’s a trade off. I also have the FUJIFILM XE2 which is a fun one to play around with since it’s like an analog camera that fits in my pocket with a pancake lens. The images are great quality and super sharp! FUJI colours are wonderful!

Main photographic subject: I enjoy shooting idyllic city and village streets while travelling. For work I shoot a lot of food and lifestyle/product images but they don’t perform as well on social media at the city/location photos.

Style: My style is still heavily based on “capturing moments”, especially in urban environments. Maybe “cityscapes” is a good word to describe it. I like sharp images with color that isn’t faded but not over saturated (unless that is a stylistic choice). I enjoy using long lenses (50mm and 70-200mm) the most for a good separation of the subject from the background, or compression in landscapes.

Favorite destinations: I live in Barcelona and it still is really one of my favourite places to photograph in the world so far.

Influences: When I was studying, I liked the staged photography of Duane Michals but now am more inspired by historic photographers like Vivian Maier, as well as numerous travel Instagrammers. The style of @beautifuldestinations’ curated and original content on Instagram and Youtube is excellent. I look to them to see exquisite shots from around the world and I also think their business model is impressive.

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When did you start with photography?

I started when I was a child: I really liked to capture the important moments with my camera on my school trips and holidays with my family. Then I deduced to study a little more to improve, and the rest is history.


Where does this passion come from?

This passion comes from my family, specially from my father. He used to take pictures of our trips together and his photographs have been my first inspiration.


What do you look for in photography?

Pictures don’t necessarily have to show what reality is: I think they should show the best of reality. I’m definitely not a “realist”: pictures shouldn’t tell the real story. They should tell a good, intense story.


What does photography mean to you?

Photography is my way to show my point of view in reality. A way to express myself showing what reality is to me.


What should photography communicate according to you?

Photography should tell good stories.


Do you conceive photography as an instinctive or a more planned activity?

It’s definitely a planned activity to me. It’s the result of studies to portray the best light and the best moment. Sometimes it can be instinctive too, such as for street photography, but that’s not my aim.


What inspires you the most when you travel?

Architecture, nature, and the way people treat their own places.

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