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Name: Savitri Wilder

Country: USA, Germany

Favourite subjects:

I love beautiful and old architecture. If paired with a beautiful old road and some greeneries or flowers, the better. I love a good sunset/sunrise photo. I love seeing the sky change in person and also how my camera captures each passing moment.

Camera: Pentax Lumix G85 (G81 in Europe) and iPhone 11. I do have a Nikon dSLR with multiple lenses but they mostly stay at home due to weight and it’s not necessary for the type of photography I do.


I went from light and airy portrait photographer to rich, dark and sometimes moody street photographer. My style does change by the season and location.

Where do you come from? Has this place been your first photographic subject?

I was born in Indonesia and at age 5, my family and I moved to the US. I am American who has been living in Europe for the last 10 years. The first 8 years being in England and the last two years in Germany.

No, Indonesia was not the first photographic subject, nor was the US. Our daughter was what got me started into photography. I took many photos of her and when we moved to the UK, I then started taking photos of England and many of our travels.

When did you start with photography and where does this passion come from? 

I started with photography in uni many years ago. I started with a manual, film, Canon camera. I learned how to roll my own film, mixed the chemicals to develop my films and photos and spent many hours in the darkroom. To be honest, I wasn’t very good then. My professor said my photos lacked life. I didn’t pick up my camera again until our daughter was born. Taking her photos every day helped me improve and got me the “life” that was needed in my photos.

Have you ever been to South Tyrol and what do you associate with this region?

I have not been to that area of Italy but it’s been on my bucket list. I associate it with beautiful nature and quaint towns and villages.

Why is so important to capture photographs while travelling according to you?

It’s important for me to capture the scenes and scenery of the places I visit. While I love touristy sites, to at least see it once for myself, it’s the hidden gems that I seek out more. I love psychology and human behaviour and to be able to sit at a cafe whilst watching people go by, listening to the local converse despite not understanding, and tasting the local cuisines are what I cherish most. These daily lives, the at the moment scenes (even if it’s so busy with people or it’s so foggy one could only see the street lights) are what I love to capture with my camera.

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