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The Dolomites, a perfect landscape for photography lovers

Photography lovers
photo credit @paweluchorczak

Dolomites: for photography lovers

Just look at the photos and we immediately understand the landscape we have before our eyes, as a result, the nature of the Dolomites that amazes us with its beauty.

The Dolomites are a mountain range in the north of the Italian Alps, including 18 peaks over 3,000 meters.

Certainly, it is one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes on the Earth with cliffs and long valleys.

photo edit @roberto_pavic_photography

Dolomites: Unesco World Heritage

Dolomites were added to the UNESCO Heritage List in 2009 for their sublime beauty and unique landscape and for their unique geological characteristics.

Consequently, it is the ideal destination for those who want to go trekking, mountain climbing, skiing and above all for photography lovers.

Lago di Braies
photo credit @pedrokinphotography

Photography workshop in Lake Braies

Crystalline lakes, golden forests, green meadows, it is a mix of colors that you can find in the Dolomites, in other words, a perfect place for the best photos in your portfolio.

For example, Lake Braies is an exceptional place, the contrasts of colors make this lake an enchanting photographic set.

Dolomites in fall
photo credit @roberto_pavic_photography

Photographing in autumn in the Dolomites

Certainly, the best months for you who love the world of photography is during the fall, where you will find impressive colors of nature.

Another moment to be recorded is during sunset or even sunrise, with the landscapes that the Dolomites offer, I am sure you will not be disappointed.

photography workshop
photo credit @clarafotomania

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