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There is no better way to be aware of a city than to observe it from the top and embrace the whole urbanity with the view. Follow us and discover Barcelona from the main panoramic spots in this landscape photo tour!

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    6 hours
    Day Tour
    Photographer Sam
  • Activity Level Strenuous
  • Group Size Small Group
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There is no better way to be aware of a city than to observe it from the top and embrace the whole urbanity with the view. Follow us and discover Barcelona from the main panoramic spots in this landscape photo tour!

Barcelona offers its tourists and inhabitants many possibilities to move away from the city's noise and observe its daily groove from the outside, especially from the top. Moreover, once we decide to "climb" and reach a panoramic point, the view of the city from here it's undoubtedly stunning. In the beating of a wing we can admire the whole city at our feet and appreciate it for the dimension and shape it has. What is more, Barcelona has a lush countryside that easily fit in our visual field. From here, then, we can observe how the city rises from the shores of the sea and from the luxuriant vegetation that surrounds the area.

As you know, when talking about photography the subject is not the only component, but it plays a crucial role. This panoramic view allow you to capture interesting shots of the city from a peculiar and unusual perspective, and thanks to the insider photographer of this photo tour you'll be sure to find the best views of Barcelona from above. Consider it as a whole, or try to identify some hotspots in order to capture it with your camera; our professional will be happy to teach you the many opportunities your camera offers you together with other tips to shot the city from above, obtaining charming pictures by any light condition. Challenge yourself and improve your abilities by trying new methods and perspectives; learn by doing and obtain tips and explanations directly on the field, while talking and discussing with our master photographer.

Walk with us, trust our professional and don't be afraid to get wrong in capturing the many shades of green and blue and the many shapes of the city. Shot the light changing and the sun hiding or setting, and obtain different pictures and sensations.

Free your view and your mind. Enjoy the panorama from this unusual perspective and try to capture the many different aspects and feelings, each moment and sight instill into you. Beside the commitment it requires, follow us in this workshop, that combines walk and public transport; we promise it all be worth it at the end!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

The photo tour includes the workshop with the master photographer.

You can chose to book a private tour to set the workshop on your personal needs.

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Photographic gear

  1. Step 1 Montjuic

    Always considered a promenade for nobles and aristocrats, with all its gardens and green spaces it has a very pleasant aspect, but it was theatre of several execution during the civil war. It offers many panoramic spots from where the view on the city and its harbor is amazing.

  2. Step 2 Tibidabo

    One of the best panoramic point of the city provides a complete view of Barcelona, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyranees.

  3. Step 3 Mirador del Turò de la Rovira

    This belvedere offers another charming and delightful view over the city. It is open 24 hours a day and the access is completely free. Arrive here on late afternoon or on twilight hour, and observe the sun going down and the lights of the city starting to illuminate Barcelona. This moment and this view will help you create some of your best memories.


Particularly focused on food photography he also appreciates portraits and landscapes as subjects for his pictures. He defines is photography simple and touching and he considers Barcelona the perfect playground to enjoy and develop his skills.

I live in Barcelona and it still is really one of my favourite places to photograph in the world so far.


The photographic tours could take place in the major cities, every day in the whole year. We look for the best of the urban context and suggest it to our community. Photo shooting activities are available both privately or in group up to a maximum of 8 photographers (please check the dedicated section private vs. group photo tour). In both cases we recommend to ask with at least 7 days in advance.

In case of heavy rain or impossibility to conduct the tour by the photo master,  the photo tour could be cancelled  up to 24 hours before its beginning. If you wish to renounce for personal reasons, it is possible to cancel the reservation up to 72 hours before the beginning of the tour, without adduce any further reasons. In both cases the total amount would be refund completely, except for the PayPal transaction fees, or a new date could be rescheduled.

Of course! We will be happy to hear a proposal from you and we will do our best to make it real.

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There is this opportunity. Ask as and we will be happy to please you.

MasterPhotoTour offers two distinct ways to take part in a photo tour:

– PRIVATE PHOTO TOUR: this one-to-one mode is specifically arranged on your level and competences to better suit your needs and will. It costs 370$ (349€) for a 3 hours workshop or 582$ (549€) for a 6 hours one. The itinerary of these private walks can be completely customized according to the preferences and will of the participant, both before and during the tour. This private mode is suitable even for couples and small groups of friends that want to enjoy an exclusive experience.

– SMALL GROUP PHOTO TOUR: our photographers offer useful and interesting experiences even for small groups up to a maximum of 8 photographers. We set this limit in order to better follow each client and get him all the attention he needs. The prices are 96$ (89€) per head for a 3 hours tour, or 147$ (139€) for a 6 hours workshop.

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