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Like any big city in the World, London too is characterized by an international ad a multicultural environment. Join us in this urban culture in London photo tour to discover the whole world in one city.

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Like any big city in the World, London too is characterized by an international ad a multicultural environment. Join us in this urban culture in London photo tour to discover the whole world in one city.

Each corner of the World is a fascinating place characterized by unique cultures, languages and habits. Though, as large as it is, it also seems small, moreover in cities where various groups meet each other, creating vibrant, colorful perfect places for any culture lover. London is one of these cities.

Ancient capital of the Empire and of the Commonwealth, London is now a day one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the World, characterized by busy restaurants, theatres, artists, and cultures. The city houses one of the most ethnically different population and the whole World is truly represented in this vibrant capital. Almost a half of Londoners appear to be foreign-born in a place where over than 200 languages are spoken in the streets; besides having choose London as a place to live, many people still feel nostalgia for their own culture and country. This led to the fusion of some aspects of the "new cultures" onto the main elements of the "hosting culture" creating interesting fusions that are expressed in several distinct ways like festivals, uses and costumes, habits, and practices... Visiting London though means much more than experience the Britishness  of the capital of England (that can be found, by the way, in some hidden corners); it is a walk among cultures, in a city where the innovation and the continual artistic, cultural and social excitement meet the traditions and "rebellion" of past times, creating a deep ethnic and cultural enrichment, useful for a personal development.

In London, then, you will meet people of different races and religious faiths, but mainly everywhere you can breathe an atmosphere of coexistence and tolerance. The best way to familiarize about London is to go out and experience the city by talking to people, or observing and portray them with a picture. For a photo lover this is a great opportunity to test and improve their ability to capture the spirit of the world and of the people that inhabit it, and to capture a different history everywhere he may look. Follow our master photographer in this cultural photo tour and develop your photographic abilities on the field obtaining feedbacks, tips and advices. Refine your exposure and composition skills, and gain confidence in shooting portraits and street scenes; our insider master photographer will be happy to share its experience and knowledge with you, and thank to his advices and this practical experience, you will obtain stunning pictures understand deeply all the technical aspects related with ISO, shutter speed and composition.

In this photo tour colors, lights and movement will be the background of your pictures (or their main element!), together with other components like smells, noises and sensations you can't catch with your camera, but that will immediately come to your mind once you will look at your pictures on your way back home.

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The photo tour includes the workshop with the master photographer.

You can chose to book a private tour to set the workshop on your personal needs.

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  1. Step 1 Columbia Road Flower Market

    The main flowers market in London opens on Sundays from 08.00 to 15.00 offering streets full of colors, perfumes and a friendly, relaxed environment. Like a big global garden it is full of flowers, foliage and people breathing the intense air's scent.

  2. Step 2 Brick Lane

    Actually known to some as "Banglatown", this famous street, together with Spitafields, is common for the Asian cultural group it houses. Famous also for the graffiti art of some of the most popular artist in London (like Banksy), here vintage and modernity meet, mainly on Sunday, when the market take place in the north of the street. The area is also characterized by artistic excitement, and expositions or events are usually organized. For these reasons Brick Lane is frequented by students from different cultures and social extractions, but also people with of different races, colors, languages, faiths and customs, and that means a great chance to capture people and trends at their best.

  3. Step 3 Covent garden

    In recent years the area has become not only a popular shopping and tourist site, but also a vibrant cultural center thanks to the presence of many theaters. Furthermore, young people usually meet here thanks to the presence of mid-market shops, pubs and bars. Street performers juice up the environment during the whole year.

  4. Step 4 Borough Market

    With its structure entirely realized in metal and wood, the oldest market in town seems a truly Dickensian place. For its characteristics and due to the high quality of the goods sold, the market is repeatedly visited by many people, among which well-known celebrities.

  5. Step 5 Portobello Road Market

    An authentic icon in London and also one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan area in the city. During the weekend dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible stuff occupy the street, allowing visitors from all over the world to discover the largest antiques and second-hand market in town.


Published in magazines and newspapers all over the world, Tom is an international photographer based in London. Particularly interested in people and street photography, he traveled the world, developing on-the-field skills and obtaining stunning travel pictures.


The photographic tours could take place in the major cities, every day in the whole year. We look for the best of the urban context and suggest it to our community. Photo shooting activities are available both privately or in group up to a maximum of 8 photographers (please check the dedicated section private vs. group photo tour). In both cases we recommend to ask with at least 7 days in advance.

In case of heavy rain or impossibility to conduct the tour by the photo master,  the photo tour could be cancelled  up to 24 hours before its beginning. If you wish to renounce for personal reasons, it is possible to cancel the reservation up to 72 hours before the beginning of the tour, without adduce any further reasons. In both cases the total amount would be refund completely, except for the PayPal transaction fees, or a new date could be rescheduled.

Of course! We will be happy to hear a proposal from you and we will do our best to make it real.

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MasterPhotoTour offers two distinct ways to take part in a photo tour:

– PRIVATE PHOTO TOUR: this one-to-one mode is specifically arranged on your level and competences to better suit your needs and will. It costs 370$ (349€) for a 3 hours workshop or 582$ (549€) for a 6 hours one. The itinerary of these private walks can be completely customized according to the preferences and will of the participant, both before and during the tour. This private mode is suitable even for couples and small groups of friends that want to enjoy an exclusive experience.

– SMALL GROUP PHOTO TOUR: our photographers offer useful and interesting experiences even for small groups up to a maximum of 8 photographers. We set this limit in order to better follow each client and get him all the attention he needs. The prices are 96$ (89€) per head for a 3 hours tour, or 147$ (139€) for a 6 hours workshop.

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