Slow life in the Dolomites

This monograph is once again dedicated to an artist as cosmopolitan as she is profound and driven by research as her main motivation.

Notes from the life in the countryside...

homemade breakfast... fresh coffee...

crisp air... warm sunshine...

heart  homemade dinner in a cosy  mountain hut 

Londoner of Polish origin, Ellie embodies a whole world of sensations in her photographs. She tells life through details, with special attention to stories. Ellie is a true storyteller, able to tell through images the places she meets, whether near or far from home.

A storyteller attracted by the stories around her, by people who have animated and created all that is beautiful in a place. 

Ellie discovered the Dolomites during the winter of 2020, beautiful days of sun, snow, and photography.  Soon the world would be shocked by the terrifying narration of the pandemic.

Let's hold on to Ellie's memories, the photographs that tell the story of life, and still inspire us to travel and hope.  #eveythingwelove!