Olga and Jan arrived in the Dolomites in autumn 2018, forming a well-matched pair of artists. 

Olga Chagunava is a young cosmopolitan content creator based in London.

With a background in large corporations, she decided to devote herself completely to travel photography and videomaking.

Her style is decidedly romantic, almost deramlike at times.

Deeply attentive to the setting, she is often the protagonist of her shots, in dreamy and evocative positions. 

Jan Gawron is a German photographer who has had the opportunity to travel a lot. As typical of his fellow countrymen, he offers very dense images...

...with the Alpine subject well present, often with the intense tones of thunderstorms, giving the images a dramatic sense.

The professional couple worked synergistically mainly to produce a video,

with footage of Jan then edited by Olga, which impressed the participants a lot, creating very representative storytelling of South Tyrol.