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Standing on the Adriatic Sea, Venice seems to rise naturally from the  water and this characteristic is part of its charm. To capture in a shot  the impressive reflections on the canals of Venice and the movements on  the surface of the waters, come with us along this water in Venice  photo tour.

What is included in this tour? Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

The photo tour includes the workshop with the master photographer.

You can chose to book a private tour to set the workshop on your personal needs.

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Photographic gear

Day tour - Venice




Meet point

6- 8 hours

Day tour



Caffè del Doge, Calle dei Cinque, San Polo, 609   (near Rialto Bridge)

Small group

Meeting time

8 a.m


Every day


Step 1 - Grand Canal 

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Being surrounded by ancient buildings and bridges, façades glow in its  waters all over each part of the canal. Extremely interesting on its  own, you can wait the pass of a gondola or a boat to take advantage of  the movement they create on the surface of the water.


Step 2 - Rialto Bridge

It could be considered nothing more than a tourist hotspot, but we think  that overlooking on it in search of the sunset is one of the most heart  breathtaking experiences to live in Venice. Even with a camera. The  sinuous curve of the canal flanked by colorful buildings and the busy  streets all around, with their people, lights and restaurants, offer a  perfect foreground.


Step 3- Burano

A gem of the Venetian lagoon, really worth a visit. In this workshop we  will look at the colorful houses and architectures reflecting on the  calm waters of the lagoon, and, walking towards the external shores, we  will appreciate the slow movement of the boats and their glare.


Step 4- Waterfront Riva degli Schiavoni and Castello District 

Strolling around this district will allow you to pass through bridges  that offer interesting views on some canals and on the Island of San  Giorgio Maggiore. The several opportunities provided by these calli,  will allow you to experiment with low light techniques and slow shutter  shots, with the moving waters in front and the city's skyline on the  background.

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